Nuts to This

Birth Control Patch Warning Issued

I've been a "patchie" for over 3 years now, pretty much ever since it came out. It seemed like the perfect choice because:

A.) I hate taking pills.
B.) I would often forget to take the pills.
C.) Pills affect me worse than most. A slight side effect manifests itself as a monster pain in the tuckus. (Dizziness = falling over. Nausea = the sight of food makes me barf. Headache = migraine. Cramps = knife in the stomach. Etc. Etc.)
D.) A year's worth of Depo shots screwed my system for three years.
E.) Since one of my "estricles" liked to freak out from time to time, the doc and I decided to place the patch right over the offender. Have always placed it there, and haven't had a problem since.

But, the better-safe-than-sorry camp won out this morning. Never having a problem with the medication in the past is not a good reason to continue it when reports like these come out, especially since I smoke. (Yes, bad. I know.) And while it may be a bit of overreaction, I'd still feel better mentally knowing that I'm less at risk for all the possible nasty side effects.

(Off-topic question: does 50-60% more estrogen increase your cup size? The ladies *have* seemed awfully...volumptuous...lately. Either that, or I'm retaining water like a frozen sponge. Meh, at least the SO and I reap the rewards when I ask him to massage them. It's a win-win situation, there.)

Anyways, called the doc and am in the process of getting switched over to, ugh, a pill. It's a little disconcerting that the lady, while admitedly not the doctor, couldn't answer many of my questions. Namely - will this have any long term reprecussions, is a physical needed, and what will be the effects of moving from a high hormone level to an extremely low hormone level?

It's a little frightening when the health care folks that deal with patients on a face to face level can't answer your questions and have to go back to the doctor for the answers. Having your questions filter through multiple people is no bueno - I've played telephone before. "My mother's cookies are good" most always turns into "My mother hooks for food". (Try it. And no, mom is not a woman of the night, and always has a stocked refrigerator.)

Anyhoo, in the event that the next few moths may be a little hazy due to hormone induced mood swings and blackouts, I pre-emptively apologize to all friends, family, co-workers and the SO. Please ignore the cry fests/rages/depression/exhilaration/tiredness/hyperactiveness you'll see over the next few months. I have a feeling it's going to be a bumpy ride.