Big City, Little Feet

So. I'm in NYC at the moment. Not for shits and giggles, mind you, though I am hoping to make it out for an accquaintance's trivia night and music. Prolly what's needed after working 8:30 to 6:30ish straight. (It's the new 9 to 5. Eat your heart out, Dolly Parton. Then again, that time range isn't so catchy...)

After leaving the office, I felt like getting lost for a bit and just started walking. (In heels. Carrying a laptop. I'm so "Working Girl".) There's nothing like getting lost and meandering down sidewalks to help you get to know a city. NYC is so huge, though, that I felt like I'd hardly made a dent after a good 45 minutes or so. If I were in Rome, I'd have seen at least 45 old churches and Roman ruins. The McDonalds on Broadway somehow doesn't have that majesty. Still it was nice to get some fresh (koff) air and unwind from what was a bit of a stressful day.
(Not as stressful as I had imagined, though. Thank goodness.) And I love the people of NYC - the timbre of their voices, their no-nonsense, the way they look you right in the eye. It's refreshing.

Now my basil and mozzarella pizza is waiting, and I have a date with the bathtub after. It's good to be a travel monkey.