Email Survey Question

I was rather proud of this answer. All true wishes, too.

What is something that you would like to do, but have never done?

Mastermind a prison jailbreak, paint a canvas that ends up in art history books, run a marathon while smoking an entire pack of cigarettes and drinking a 5th of Jim Beam, join the mob, stay hopelessly, madly in love for the rest of my life, water ski with performing penguins, win at poker in Las Vegas and give the money to homeless person, rebuild a large block engine, race a horse in the Kentucky Derby, buy an island and establish a hippie commune, and develop accurate ESP.


Bladda Bladda Bladda

I've decided that all posts will be random hodge-podge mish-mashes of randomness from now on, or until a topic of interest grabs me enough to expound upon it. A big 'ole FU to cohesion, if you will.

If you're a veg-head or burrito lover (or both), may I recommend the Cha-Cha Burritos from Monica's Aca y Alla? Muy bueno, and they give the added bonus of getting black beans stuck in your teeth. Good thing I wasn't in Cheshire-grin mode today.

Why on earth are the songs "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and "I'm All Outta Love" by Air Supply on constant, alternating repeat inside my noggin? (And now you're all signing as well, aren't you? Sorry. Maybe.)

Help me choose my pleasure for the weekend: a toobin' trip complete with house on the river, a road trip to see a friends' band play next to a lake, or packing and heaving and shopping for the impending apartment switch next weekend. I'm torn between responsibility and fun, and then torn between what sort of fun to have should I go that route. My life is such a dilemma. ;)

Looky Looky - Another Durn Post and Stuff

Insomnia isn't so bad. I just watched a badass Kung Fu movie, and learned that MTV does play music videos after all, albeit at 1:00 a.m.

A lesson for fellow insomniacs? A two hour nap after work is a bad idea. Still another? Drink the Sleepytime tea much earlier.

And the last? Don't get on the internet.


Presenting for the Noodle Lashing

I fully intend to raise the ass in the air and bear multiple wet noodle beatings for being so sporadic about posting lately.

Wait. Let me rephrase. That sounded like a bad porno premise.

Apologies for being flaky in the blog sense. I'll try to do better.

Anyhoo...not much to say at the moment except:

  • Being balls to the wall busy is the best remedy for dragging time.
  • The new office is still on my bad side. There's no good way to get there, it's always 60 effin' degrees inside, and I rarely get to see the sun. I propose mid-day park visits to compensate.
  • Packing is number five on the all time most boring wastes of time. (Numbers one, two, three and four being meetings, traffic jams, dusting, and reading Dear Abby, respectively.)
  • Morning nookie is the ultimate to make sure your Mondays are spent in a sickeningly giddy way.
  • Over-dramatic reunions/forgiveness in parking lots have that odd, contrived movie quality to them. It feels like the plot twist is still around the corner.
  • I've done something stupid and commited to two different road trips this weekend to the same general area of the state. Regardless of the decision of which to go on, I still have to purchase a new swimsuit. The current one has been a bit stretched by the girls.
  • After this next weekend, by the way, I'm going on a detox binge. Carrot juice and wheatgrass and vitamins and lots 'n lots of water. My liver just may forgive me after all, after it wakes up from its stupor.
  • Have I mentioned that packing sucks?

Off to bed, now. And again, I promise it won't be 10 more days until the next post.

Probably more like 9. ;)


You know it will be an interesting day when...

...the Got Milk? promotional truck cuts you off on the highway while driving into work.

Strangely, I have a craving for cow juice now. A rather dangerous way to market, though.

On a completely unrelated subject, I have reached a benchmark in my career. There are now over 2000 emails in my inbox. This calls for a celebration...of sorts.

Kiss her in the rain and then steal her umbrella.

So cute.

I'd have to say the above is the best line in the world. Ever. Kudos to whomever constructed it.

Le sigh...

The medical/dental community will be the death of me. Literally. I'll bang my head against the wall until it all makes sense, but it never will. I may either end up with a major concussion, or massive head wound.

On one hand, I waited for two weeks to hear the phrase, "Sometimes...it just happens." On the other, I'm a medical marvel - fighting off cavities, gum decay, and the like with nothing more than moxie and a toothbrush.

Physically, no one knows what the fuck is going on. Dentally, I'm perfect.

Go figure. Knew this yap of mine would come in handy for some reason or another.

So, the office move has been made. Or, shall I say, one of the two. See, our department's office isn't ready. In. The. Slightest. Needed more lighting, and a complete furniture/spatial overhaul. As of now, I'm in the "Being John Malkovich" cube - far removed from everyone, which is kind of nice. Do you have any idea how much work I've gotten done? Tons. No one can come bother me unless they really need to. Most people are still lost trying to manuver their way around the office. Bothering me is the last thing on their collective minds.

It's very, very wonderful.

In other not-so-much-news...


The libido is getting to the wildly uncontrollable stage. Water bill is rising. New Fine Arts trip contemplated, with an aside to Sam's for batteries.

Just sayin'.

Heard the greatest name for an Adult Swim cartoon tonight.

"<Name that ends in 'tin> and the Retarded Penis" (*) (**)

Anyone brave enough to design the first storyboard?

* The "R" reference was unintended to be Un-PC. Back off, you huggy bastards. (That, on the other hand WAS intended to be Un-PC. {Exception to my sweetie Treehugger.} )
** No reference whatsoever to the comments above regarding batteries and the like. Strictly an overheard bar conversation tonight.